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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art AwardPresented annually for outstanding achievement in, and contributions to, the arts at MIT. Established by the Council for the Arts at MIT in 1979, these awards honor President Emeritus Jerome Wiesner and Mrs. Wiesner for their commitment to the arts. Samantha started a new theater group on campus to give students the opportunity to express in a new way.

  • Samantha Harper '16,
    Sylmar, CA

John S.W. Kellett (1947) AwardRecognizes any MIT individual or group for an exceptional and/or sustained commitment to creating a more welcoming environment at MIT, including but not limited to, improving the experience of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered (LBGT), and questioning individuals. The award honors Mr. Kellett, whose spirited support enabled significant improvements in the lives of members of MIT's LBGT community.

  • Rebecca Heywood G,
    Somerville, MA

2016 Gordon Y Billard AwardThis Institute-wide award is made annually "for special service of outstanding merit performed for the Institute."

  • John Ochsendorf,
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Architecture and Chair of the MIT2016 Centennial Steering Committee

Institute-wide Freshman Award for Distinguished Achievement in ResearchThis year, the award was made for Chin's exceptional UROP work on the use of nano cement additives for sustainability of built environment. Chin travelled with Professor Oral Buyukozturk's group to Kuwait and presented results of her in-situ experiments using nano-additives to characterize the cement matrix and structure at various length scales.

  • Stephanie Chin '19,
    Worcester, MA

CEE Best Undergraduate Research AwardHonors excellence in research of a CEE undergraduate student, in any area of research. The research may have been carried out in the context of a UROP, internship, or coursework such as the Capstone Subject or TREX.

  • Stephanie Chin '19,
    Worcester, MA

CEE Leadership and Community AwardRecognizes an undergraduate student, at any level, who has made exemplary contributions to improve the CEE community, fostered excellence, diversity, and contributed to our culture of inclusiveness.

  • Amanda Parry '16,
    Hanover, MA

Juan Hermosilla (1957) PrizeAwarded to a student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to recognize exceptional talent and potential for future contributions at the intersection of mechanics, materials, structures and design.

  • Paul Twijukye '18,
    Mbarara, Uganda

The Leo (Class of 1924) and Mary Grossman AwardHonors Mr. Grossman, who had a professional career in highway design and planning, and his wife. It is given to an undergraduate student with a strong interest in transportation and a strong academic record.

  • Daniel Mascoop '16,
    Roslindale, MA

The Paul L. Busch (1958) PrizeAwarded to an undergraduate student in Environmental Science and Engineering for academic achievement and contributions to the CEE community.

  • Josefin Betsholtz '16,
    Osterskar, Sweden
  • Emily Shorin '16,
    Ambler, PA

The Tucker-Voss AwardEstablished in memory of Professor Ross F. Tucker and Professor Walter C. Voss, who were the first two heads of the Department of Building Construction, Course 17. In the 1950s, Course 17 merged with the Department of Civil Engineering, and the first Tucker-Voss Award was presented. This award is given annually to an undergraduate or graduate student who shows particular promise in the field of building.

  • Dimitrios Pagonakis G,
    Crete, Greece

The Trond Kaalstad (Class of 1957) FellowshipRecognizes an outstanding graduate student who has displayed leadership and/or contributed significantly to the well-being of the CEE.

  • Joanna Moody G,
    Charlottesville, VA

Maseeh Annual Award for Excellence as a Teaching AssistantRecognizes the most outstanding teaching assistant in the past academic year. (This award is made possible by the generosity of CEE Alum Fariborz Maseeh Sc.D. '90.)

  • Scott Middleton

CEE Best Doctoral Thesis AwardHonors scholarly and academic excellence and a high level of distinction of a CEE graduate student, in any area of research.

  • Dr. Alexandra Konings G

CEE Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring, Teaching and Excellence AwardRecognizes mentoring, teaching, and other exceptional contributions by a Postdoctoral Associate or Postdoctoral Fellow, emphasizing high potential for future contributions.

  • Dr. Konrad Krakowiak
  • Dr. Marie-Julie Dalbe

Maseeh Excellence in Teaching AwardRecognizes the most outstanding faculty instructor in the past academic year. (This award is made possible by the generosity of CEE Alum Fariborz Maseeh Sc.D. '90.)

  • Colette Heald,
    Mitsui Career Development Associate Professor, Atmospheric Chemistry and Composition Modeling Group

CEE Distinguished Service and Leadership AwardRecognizes outstanding departmental service and leadership contributions of a member of the CEE faculty, to acknowledge colleagues who foster a culture of diversity, inclusiveness, and innovation, to further the department mission and vision and MIT as a whole.

  • Associate Department Head and Professor Elfatih Eltahir

CEE Excellence AwardRecognizes a member of the CEE staff for excellent contributions to our community, commitment to professionalism, dedication, and best practices, as well as fostering a culture of diversity, inclusiveness, and innovation.

  • Nancy Cook,
    Financial Coordinator
  • Mary Ellen Sinkus,
    Sr. Financial Administrator