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Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

W.O Crosby Award for Sustained Excellence
Recognizes achievement, both academic and intellectual, as well as general contributions to the department

  • Madison Douglas '16,
    Concord, MA

Christopher Goetze Prize for Undergraduate Research
Recognizes innovative experimental design, care in data collection, and sensitive application of results to research problems

  • Megan Mansfield '16,
    Des Moines, IA

EAPS Achievement Award
Recognizes a junior from across the EAPS disciplines who has distinguished her or himself through a combination of high GPA, focused course work, and leadership within EAPS

  • Libby Koolik '17,
    Boca Raton, FL

Award for Excellence in Teaching
Recognizes the graduate student teaching assistants in EAPS who have been selected by faculty and students to have met the highest levels of performance

  • Stephanie Brown G,
    Newport News, VA
  • Chawalit Charoenpong G,
    Falmouth, MA
  • Christine Chen G,
    Endwell, NY
  • Michael Eddy G,
    Asheboro, NC
  • Christopher Kinsley G,
    St. Andrews, Fife, UK
  • Marianna Linz G,
    Cambridge, MA
  • Sharon Newman G,
    Topsfield, MA
  • Robert Yi G,
    Forest City, CA

Excellence as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Recognizes an undergraduate student teaching assistant in EAPS who has been selected by faculty and students to have met the highest standards of performance

  • Brynna Downey '17,
    New York, NY