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Jon A. Bucsela Prize Winner Yongyi Chen
Jon A. Bucsela Prize Winner Mitchell Lee

All photos courtesy of the Mathematics Department.

Jon A. Bucsela Prize in MathematicsFor distinguished scholastic achievement, professional promise, and enthusiasm for mathematics, by a mathematics major

  • Yongyi Chen '16,
    Bedford, MA
  • Mitchell Lee '16,
    Oakton, VA

Hertz Foundation FellowshipIn support of outstanding students with the freedom to innovate as part of their graduate studies

  • Felipe Hernandez '16,
    Metairie, MA

The 2016 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan PrizeFor outstanding research in mathematics by an undergraduate student

  • Amol Aggarwal '15,
    Saratoga, CA

The Charles and Holly Housman Award for Excellence in Teaching, supported by the Charles L. and Holly Housman FundPresented to graduate student(s) in mathematics for their skill and dedication in undergraduate teaching

  • Zachary Abel G,
    Dallas, TX
  • Carlos Sauer Ayala G,
    Asunción, Paraguay

The Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize, established by the support of Charles (BE '55) and Jennifer JohnsonGiven to graduate student(s) in mathematics for an outstanding paper accepted for publication in a major journal

  • Yi Sun G,
    San Jose, CA
  • Yun William Yu G,
    Huntingburg, IN

The Seventy-Sixth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical CompetitionThe MIT Putnam Team placed first, with 9 MIT participants ranking in the top 26. Of the 63 students achieving Honorable Mention, MIT had 24 (39%)

  • Mark Sellke '18,
    West Lafayette, IN
  • Bobby Shen '17,
    Sugar Land, TX
  • David Yang '17,
    Corona, CA

Two MIT Participants ranked in top 6 test-takers ("Putnam Fellows")

  • David Yang '17,
    Corona, CA
  • Yunkun Zhou '19,
    Shenzhen, People's Republic of China

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam PrizeAwarded for outstanding performance on the Putnam exam by a woman participant

  • Danielle Wang '19,
    San Jose, CA

The Hartley Rogers Jr. Family PrizeGiven to the top undergraduate-graduate team(s) in the 2015 Summer Program in Undergraduate Research

  • Yuchen Fu '17,
    Beijing, People's Republic of China;
    and Seth Shelley-Abrahamson G,
    Atherton, CA
  • Ofer Grossman '18,
    Ithaca, NY;
    and Dongkwan Kim G,
    Seoul, South Korea

School of Science Teaching Prize for Graduate EducationFor excellence in teaching, chosen from nominations by students or colleagues

  • Larry Guth,

Irwin Sizer AwardFor most significant improvements to MIT education

  • Tom Leighton,
    Professor, and Michael Sipser, Dean, School of Science

MacVicar Faculty FellowshipIn recognition of Professors who exhibit exceptional undergraduate teaching, educational innovation, and mentoring

  • Michael Sipser,
    Dean, School of Science