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Office of Multicultural Programs

Engineering Community AwardPresented to a student organization that has shown commitment to engineering community on campus. This organization deliberately seeks out partners for collaboration across campus organizations, ethnic groups, and affinity groups. This organization has shown that to engineer community, one must bring together partners whose mission is often different from their own and find common cause in benefiting the campus as a whole.

  • MIT Bangladeshi Students' Association

Excellence in Programming AwardPresented to an organization in recognition of raising the bar in student programming. This award is meant to highlight a particular program that exemplifies all that a student program can and should be. This program has elements of multiculturalism and encourages a safe space for students to explore, understand, and learn more about an aspect of diversity.

  • Black Women's Week,
    MIT Black Women's Alliance

Organization of the YearPresented to the organization that has exemplified MIT's highest standards. This organization has shown a commitment to building community and improving the experience of MIT students. This organization has been active and intentional in promoting diversity and inclusion and has been proactive in seeking partnerships across MIT.

  • MIT Latino Cultural Center

Mens et Manus AwardPresented to a senior in our community who has shown a passion and affinity for diversity and inclusion work. To be nominated for this award, the student must be a senior at MIT who has made a lasting impact on the community. This student has gone above and beyond to bring awareness to issues of diversity and inclusion at MIT and has been active in the community to promote cultural awareness.

  • Alyssa Boros '16,
    Chicago, IL

Dr. Robbin Chapman Excellence through Adversity AwardPresented to a student leader who has shown that leadership is often defined by persistence in the face of adversity. This student has shown tenacity in the face of strife and has demonstrated resolve to persevere in carrying out the mission and values of diversity and inclusion in our community.

  • Alberto Hernandez '17,
    Hialeah, FL

Emerging Leader AwardPresented to a freshman or sophomore in our community who has shown a passion and affinity for diversity and inclusion work. The Emerging Leader Award recognizes a member who has already made significant contributions to the community and has demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

  • Bettina Arkhurst '18,
    Jamesburg, NJ

Unsung Hero AwardPresented to a member of the MIT community who has demonstrated that leadership isn't always defined by title and position. This is a member of the community who has shown commitment and passion for the community regardless of leadership position and shown a willingness to support efforts of diversity and inclusion. This is a student who is an asset to the community.

  • Raul Boquin '17,
    Miami, FL

Faculty Ambassador AwardPresented to a faculty member who has shown a great commitment to enhancing the experience for students at MIT that transcends the boundaries of the classroom. This faculty member has shown an enthusiasm both inside and outside of the classroom for multiculturalism and diversity.

  • Helen Elaine Lee,
    Director of Women's and Gender Studies, Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Staff Award for Excellence in Diversity & InclusionPresented to a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to enrich the experience for students at MIT. This staff member has shown a passion and willingness to engage students in activities, programs, or simply in dialogue about matters related to diversity and inclusion.

  • Libby Mahaffy,
    Assistant Director for Conflict Resolution, Office of Student Citizenship

Community Excellence AwardPresented to a member of the MIT community who has shown a sustained commitment to the mission of the Office of Multicultural Programs through service. Although this community member may not be affiliated with any one campus organization or affinity group, they consistently work to advance the cause of multiculturalism and diversity on campus.

  • Mareena Robinson Snowden, PhD
    Tallahassee, FL