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School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

James A. and Ruth Levitan Award for Excellence in TeachingRecognizes SHASS teachers - professors, lecturers, and graduate teaching assistants - who make a profound difference in the educational experience of MIT undergraduates

  • Junot Díaz,
    Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  • Lerna Ekmekcioglu,
    Professor, History
  • Masami Ikeda-Lamm,
    Lecturer, Global Studies and Languages
  • Roberto Rey Agudo,
    Lecturer, Global Studies and Languages
  • Charles Shadle,
    Lecturer, Music and Theater Arts
  • Ludwig Straub,
    Teaching Assistant, Economics

James A. and Ruth Levitan Prize in the HumanitiesTo support innovative and creative scholarship in the humanities

  • Thomas Levenson,
    Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Research Fund, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

  • Takako Aikawa,
    Senior Lecturer in Japanese, Global Studies and Languages
  • Sana Aiyar,
    Assistant Professor, History
  • Ian Condry,
    Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  • Mark Harvey,
    Senior Lecturer in Music and Theater Arts
  • Heather Hendershot,
    Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  • Clapperton Mavhunga,
    Associate Professor, Science, Technology, and Society
  • Shigeru Miyagawa,
    Professor, Linguistics; Kochi-Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture, Global Studies and Languages
  • Frank Schilbach,
    Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Bradford Skow,
    Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Elizabeth A. Wood,
    Professor, History

Kelly Essay Award Winners

  • Herng Yi Cheng '18
  • James J Rowan '17

Honorable Mention

  • Sophia Liu '17
  • Gabriel Lesnick '16

Kelly-Douglas Summer Travel FellowsTo support projects that enrich our understanding of one or more of the fields comprising the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at MIT

    IAP Session

    • Casey Crownhart '17
    • Eva de la Serna '16
    • Samantha Harper '16
    • David Heller '18
    • Lauren Herring '16
    • Steven Holocomb '16
    • Phillip Hu '16
    • Cara Lai '16
    • Hannah Levy '17
    • Jing Li '17
    • Nicholas Matthews '17
    • Veronica Montgomery '16
    • Cathleen Nalezyty '16
    • Daniel Richman '17
    • Christopher Sanfilippo '17
    • Forest Sears '16
    • Abra Shen '16
    • Victoria Xiao '17
    • Lisa Yang '17
    • Parker Zhao '16

    Summer Session

    • Neerja Aggarwal '17
    • Kaylee Brent '17

SHASS Infinite Mile Awards

    Unsung Hero Award

    • Hannah Carpenter,
      Music and Theater Arts

    Great Ideas Award

    • Griselda Gomez,
      Center for International Studies

    Inclusion Award

    • Joli Divon Saraf,
      Center for International Studies

    Unsung Hero Award

    • Janine Sazinsky,
      Political Science

    Unsung Hero Award

    • Jillian Scales,
      Music and Theater Arts

    Unsung Hero Award

    • Amberly Steward,


    2016 History Undergraduate Writing PrizesHonoring excellence in historical research and writing, in honor of MIT historians John W. Dower, Pauline Maier, and Bruce Mazlish.

    • Kevin Castro ‘17,
      Rio Rico, AZ
      "No Bird Soars in a Calm"
    • Julian Fuchs ‘18,
      Davis, CA
      "Hungary, 1956"
    • Dongfang Tian Mi ‘16,
      Wilmington, DE
      "Agriculture in the 2nd Century BC"