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2016 Ilona Karmel Writing Prizes:

    Prize for Writing Science Fiction

    • First Prize: Ada Taylor '16,
      Cambridge, MA, "Her Electric Sleep"
    • Second Prize: Marissa Stephens '16,
      West Simsburg, CT, "The Abyss"
    • Third Prize: Alice Wu '17,
      San Diego, CA, "Memory Cell"

    Robert A. Boit Writing Prize: Essay

    • First Prize: Vivian Tran '16,
      San Gabriel, CA, "homeofasister"

    Robert A. Boit Writing Prize: Poetry

    • First Prize: Gailin Pease '18,
      Burlington, VT, "How We Speak Hear"
    • Second Prize: Phoebe Cai '18,
      Bryn Mawr, PA, "Markets for Bullets"
    • Third Prize: Christi Dawydiak '16,
      Remsenburg, NY, "Learn by Doing Sex Ed"
    • Honorable Mention: Harini Suresh '16,
      Vienna, VA, "Parting Words"

    Robert A. Boit Writing Prize: Short Story

    • First Prize: Christian Infante '16,
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL, "The Faults They Had"
    • Second Prize: Lydia Krasilnikova '16,
      Cambridge, MA, "Soft Blue Towels, Soft White Sands"
    • Third Prize: Gailin Pease '18,
      Burlington, VT, "When I Know Her"
    • Honorable Mention: Arman Rahman '17,
      Boston, MA, "For Internal Use Only"

    S. Klein Prize for Technical Writing

    • First Prize: Sarah Osmulski '16,
      Rumson, NJ, "A Comprehensive Analysis of Essential and Conditionally Essential Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Using Transposon Insertion Sequencing"
    • Second Prize: Molly McNamara '16,
      Auburn, MA, "A role for BMI1 in Metastatic Melanoma Resistance to BRAF Inhibition"
    • Honorable Mention: Kara Presbrey '16,
      Fort Myers, FL, "Using Olfaction to Prevent Obesity"

Vera List Prize for Visual Arts

  • First Prize: Melanie Abrams '17,
    Cambridge, MA, "The Story of My Blindness"
  • Second Prize: Sam Fomon '16,
    New York, NY, "bars of color within squares"
  • First Prize: Jackson Davidow '19,
    Cambridge, MA, "La vie en rose: Love in Rahard Fung's Sea in the Blood"
  • Second Prize: Duygu Demir '19,
    Cambridge, MA, "The Eye, The Shooter and the Viewer: Representation, Reception and Deception in Rabih Mroue's The Fall of Hair"

Boit Manuscript Prize: Essay

  • First Prize: Daniel Richman '17,
    Goleta, CA, "Making Tracks"

Boit Manuscript Prize: Fiction

  • First Prize: Melanie Abrams '17,
    Cambridge, MA, "Bad Dreams"
  • Second Prize: Michael Winer '19,
    Rockville, MD, "M.A.D.N.E.S.S."
  • Honorable Mention: Joseph Schuman '16,
    West Hartford, CT, "Bit by Bit"

Boit Manuscript Prize: Poetry

  • First Prize: Patrick Wahl '18,
    Chepachet, RI, "The Queen of Spain"
  • Second Prize: Valentina Chamorro '16,
    Miami, FL, "Run by Bird"
  • Second Prize: Sam Fomon '16,
    New York, NY, "standard memorandum"

Dewitt Wallace Prize for Science Writing for the Public

  • First Prize: Elizabeth Li '18,
    Nashville, TN, "The Unexpected Control Behind Uncontrolled Growth"
  • Second Prize: Emily Sheng '19,
    Cupertino, CA, "Is it Worth the Wait?"

Ellen King Prize for Freshman Writing: Essay

  • First Prize: Meia Alsup '19,
    Los Altos, CA, "Family Trees"

Enterprise Poets Prize in Imagining a Future

  • First Prize: Elise Bickford '18,
    Falmouth, ME, "Spectera: future dialogue"
  • First Prize: Lochie Ferrier '19,
    Australia, "Electric Airports"

Writing and Humanistic Studies Prize for Engineering Writing

  • First Prize: Eric Dahlseng '18,
    Dassel, MN, "Developing a capacitor-based system for permanent magnet magnetization"
  • Second Prize: Marie Elimbi Moudio '16,
    Cambridge, MA, "Optimization of Mixing of Two Air Flows in the Annular Region of a Cylindrical Swirl Combustor"

Obermayer Prize

  • First Prize: Sarah Osmulski '16,
    Rumson, NJ, "The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research: MIT's $100 Million Gamble"

Comparative Media Studies

    Writing Faculty and Staff recipients:

      2016 Levitan Teaching Award

      • Junot Diaz,
        Rudge and Nancy Allen Professor of Writing, MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

      Faculty Ambassador Award as part of the Institute's Multicultural Awards (sponsored by ICEO and OME)

      • Helen Elaine Lee,

      Outstanding Rookie Advisor Award from the Dean for Undergraduate Education

      • T.L. Taylor,
        Professor of Comparative Studies

      Teaching with Digital Technology Award

      • Kurt Fendt,
        Lecturer/Principal Research Associate in German Studies and Comparative Media Studies/Writing