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2013-2014 Recipients

The 2012-2013 Institute Awards can be found under the categories listed to the left. In some of the award listings, various abbreviations are used: a key to them is provided below.
Key to abbreviations
Aero-Astro Aeronautics and Astronautics
BE Biological Engineering
BCS Brain and Cognitive Sciences
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
ChemE Chemical Engineering
CIS Center for International Studies
CSAIL Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
DAPER Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
DUSP Department of Urban Studies and Planning
EAPS Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
ESD Engineering Systems Division
MechE Mechanical Engineering
NSE Nuclear Science and Engineering
PSC Public Service Center
SHASS School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
SLA Student Leader Awards
UROP Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program